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Cooperation Proposal – Critical Thinking Workshop for high school students

Who we are? Quantum Civilization is a nonprofit organization whose main activity is based on research, interpretation and dissemination of modern concepts, compatible with high performance, through human and personal development. We are a team of young people with academic experience both in Romania and abroad (Oxford, London, USA, Germany). Our primary objective is to synchronize the need for human abilities with the level of development of the job market and society in the years to come.

Study: According to the UN, the IMF and the well-known consultancy firm Mckinsey,the world’s most sought-after integrated labor market skill from 2020 will be critical thinking. This will be mainly due to the changes in the working environment (through technological progress) that will result in increasingly demanding skills requirements such as: power of analysis, communication,creativity, decision-making and problem-solving. Critical thinking encompasses these abilities, and not only, and thus becomes the integrated ability of the future.

Status quo! Nowadays, many of the educational systems are still encouraging linear thinking – learning and reproduction, and in this way,soon enough, they will be outdated and unable to keep up with the accelerated rate of progress in all areas and competitiveness. As a result, an important part of the students may be unable to consciously opt for a productive career and a fulfilled personal life.

What does Quantum Civilization propose? We propose to change this status quo by raising the awareness of high school students and sensitizes them towards the challenges of the future. Moreover, we want to contribute actively to the formation of young,conscious generations, with the desire to achieve bold goals both professionally and in personal life.

How will we do all this? We will be able to accomplish what we have proposed through intense, educational-inspirational workshops spanning over two days, addressing both theoretical concepts and many practical situations that,from our experience so far, are very much enjoyed by our students. We will present various modern and effective methods of analysis and problem-solving alongside other creative activities that compose critical thinking.

Why does Quantum Civilization promote critical thinking? We are firmly convinced that the most valuable asset of the future lies in the vast human potential in each of us. That is why we want to actively contribute to the formation of the next generation of students who can certainly make the world we live in better. Acquiring integrated skills such as critical thinking, from adolescence, can play a decisive role in the formation of future generations.

Quantum Civilization is involved in several educational projects aimed mainly at young people. More information about this here. 

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