If we stop for a moment and contemplate on the state of today’s world, most of us will soon realize that it is difficult to paint an accurate picture which could describe it. There are so many perspectives which we could take, change and development has taken place so fast – we can see futuristic cities engulfed in latest technology starting to emerge and yet at the same time we still have places which remained unchanged for thousands of years and even peoples whose way of living has stayed almost the same. Our main activity focuses on finding a holistic and integrative way to interweave these multiple dimensions in a non-discriminative and non-segmented manner. The world is more connected than ever before and we have access to information about every culture, every historical era still relevant, every religion and every scientific discovery. But this much amount of information comes with great responsibility. We need to become aware of the fact that the majority of today’s educational systems promote a linear method of thinking – learn and repeat, a method which is soon going to be outdated. If we want to avoid the already observable dangers of raising generations surrounded by technology and information without guidance regarding how to responsibly use them for growth, we need to actively change the way we prepare ourselves for the accelerating rate of change reflected in the nature of the job market as well as for how to develop a healthy and integral lifestyle in general. Through this NGO, we aim to provide a multi-perspectival, trans-traditional and integral approach to today’s issues, an approach which will lay the foundation to the Quantum Education System. We aim to put an end to hyper-segmentation, dis-identification and the indulgence of corruption by actively engaging those interested in the latest models of education and research, models defined by their transdisciplinary approach. For the first time in known history, there is an opportunity of unifying the two main aspects of this world: The Modern – the scientific, which masters the exterior, the matter, the objective (the structures of consciousness) and the Ancient – the mystical, which masters the interior, the spirit, the subjective (the states of consciousness). If we can conceive and think of something as infinite and amazing as this universe, our mind itself could be infinite and even though from a materialistic reductionist perspective we cannot be sure of this, it would be foolish to be certain of the opposite, namely that our mind is limited, bound, constrained and that consciousness does not extend beyond the brain. If you feel the desire to find the entire world inside of you, join us. Let’s re-own our ability to dream and make our dreams come true, together.
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