The only constant that defines our world is change.

It’s so easy to forget this counterintuitive fact and become attached to our seemingly fixed expectations and impressions about ourselves the world. Seeing that our expectations are not met eventually leads us into a never-ending labyrinth of meaningless routine and self-complacency. We become afraid to change, thus we defy the very nature of ourselves.

Because no one told us that we have to actually be the change we want to see in the world, we reject responsibility and project the blame for our shortcomings onto others, and so we start to feel alone and misunderstood. Afraid of being judged, we do not open up, and we end up deluded that no one can understand us, when in fact all of us experience problems of the same archetypal nature, just in different packages.

It’s time we realized this charade, this illusory nature of our judgements and fears. It’s time to re-own our shadow and our ability to change and inspire, and take responsibility.

“I am not who you think I am, you are who you think I am.” – Charles Horton Cooley

Through this NGO, we aim to provide a multi-perspectival, trans-traditional and integral approach to today’s issues. We aim to put an end to hyper-segmentation, disidentification and to indulgence of corruption. For the first time in known history, there is an opportunity of unifying the two main aspects of this world: The Modern – the scientific, which masters the exterior, the matter, the objective (the structures of consciousness) and the Ancient – the mystical, which masters the interior, the spirit, the subjective (the states of consciousness).

If we can conceive and think of something as infinite and amazing as this universe, our mind must itself be infinite.

If you feel the desire to find the entire world inside of you, join us. Let’s re-own our ability to dream and make our dreams come true, together.

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