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The only constant that defines our world is change.

It’s so easy to forget this counterintuitive fact and become attached to our seemingly fixed expectations and impressions about ourselves the world. Seeing that our expectations are not met eventually leads us into a never-ending labyrinth of meaningless routine and self-complacency. We become afraid to change, thus we defy the very nature of ourselves.

Because no one told us that we have to actually be the change we want to see in the world, we reject responsibility and project the blame for our shortcomings onto others, and so we start to feel alone and misunderstood. Afraid of being judged, we do not open up, and we end up deluded that no one can understand us, when in fact all of us experience problems of the same archetypal nature, just in different packages.

It’s time we realized this charade, this illusory nature of our judgements and fears. It’s time to re-own our shadow and our ability to change and inspire, and take responsibility.

“I am not who you think I am, you are who you think I am.” – Charles Horton Cooley

Through this NGO, we aim to provide a multi-perspectival, trans-traditional and integral approach to today’s issues. We aim to put an end to hyper-segmentation, disidentification and to indulgence of corruption. For the first time in known history, there is an opportunity of unifying the two main aspects of this world: The Modern – the scientific, which masters the exterior, the matter, the objective (the structures of consciousness) and the Ancient – the mystical, which masters the interior, the spirit, the subjective (the states of consciousness).

If we can conceive and think of something as infinite and amazing as this universe, our mind must itself be infinite.

If you feel the desire to find the entire world inside of you, join us. Let’s re-own our ability to dream and make our dreams come true, together.

How will we realize this?

In order to make this worldview accessible and spread it, we have founded Quantum Civilization on three main pillars – education, research and trans-disciplinary engagement.


We will organize workshops in an age-, level- and/or theme-specific manner, with the aim to engage the individual into active, critical, non-biased and constructive inquiry of where they are, who they are and where they are going. We will encourage a unifying, trans-disciplinary approach as opposed to the hyper-segmented, play-back approach that disappointed us in the traditional education system.

Our workshop categories are:

  • Established services

Critical Thinking – aimed mainly at high school and university students as well as young professionals, but able to engage people of all ages, this workshop will try to overcome the damage done by the traditional educational system and revive the sharp and open minds of its attendants. Issues such as logical fallacies and non-linear methods of thinking will be discussed, several currently relevant topics such as discrimination will be debated while teaching individuals to take a side without being offended by the other party. Last but not least, the workshops will train participant’s problem-solving abilities and prepare them for real-world scenarios.

Cognitive biases – in a high-level approach, we will highlight the prejudices and biases that society has induced upon itself. Open-mindedness, willingness to face problems and to share personal experience are encouraged for the maximum benefit of this workshop. We will engage in debating the nature and cause of such biases, and discuss solutions to overcome them. These workshops will aim to free the mind from the chains of misconception and [limited personal worldview and thus create open-mindedness and tolerance as well as significant personal development.

  •  New services to be offered on demand

Introduction to Reality – from a multi-perspectival view, we will ask ourselves what reality is and introduce the nondual vantage point through which we can inquire into the nature of our inner and outer experiences. After presenting the history of our identity in a non-biased, narrative and Harari-like manner, we will define several universal steps through which we are developing as humans using amongst others Ken Wilber’s structure-state matrix. In doing so we will have agreed upon the meaning of specific terms that we need in order to form a common language which we can further use to debate the present state and aspects of the world, thus creating a platform from which we can go on and plan the future.

Consciousness exploration and meditation – in the modern world we got so caught up in a seemingly never-ending frenzy driven by progress and efficiency, that we forgot how to rest, how to heal, how to simply be. Who are we beyond the labels given by our jobs, education or socio-economic status? Inspired by the ancient contemplative wisdom-traditions of the world, we will approach aspects of our existence which only started to emerge in the developed world a few decades ago, aspects which have suffered from misinterpretation and mislabeling. The naivety with which these things have been interpreted by some authors has created an incredible confusion, the consequences of which we shall have to overcome step by step, before we can lay the foundation for a deeper understanding and an unprejudiced attitude. We will try to clarify any such occurrences, and discuss states of being from an integral, inclusive and progress-oriented perspective. For those that will want to go one step further and engage on a more intense level with higher states of consciousness, we will be able to offer our experience and insight as well as tailor-made injunctions to reach those levels.

Integral Development – the complexity of the world increases exponentially. In earlier times it was possible to find a single individual who was a philosopher, an astronomer, a physicist, a mathematician, a biologist and an artist all at the same time. Slowly, as knowledge expanded, specialization became inevitable and the modern scholar of today knows a tremendous amount but in a very narrow area of his or her specialization. This calls for a conscious and thorough analysis of what the consequences will be if our teachers and leaders end up “knowing everything about nothing”. This service is for individuals who want to overcome this problem, who want to continuously develop all their lines of intelligence, engage efficiently in multiple fields and be part of the leading edge of society, while at the same time inquiring into the spiritual meaning of life so as to be able to give their actions meaning and direction driven by genuine care and interest for the benefit and development of the world.

Pandora Star light machine – experience brain-wave entrainment and altered states of consciousness in a safe and non-invasive way with the help of the Pandora Star light machine. More information about this experience can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/2234630679996656/ For scheduled lamp sessions please reach out to us over email, phone or Facebook and we will make an appointment at the earliest available date.



We will focus our research around consciousness, integral human development, transpersonal psychology and inner wisdom traditions with a profound emphasis on backing up our hypothesis with as much evidence as possible, bearing in mind that for some of the deeper subjective states, injunctive individual practice represents the actual empirical evidence.

Our research drive and methodology are inspired by Integral Theory and Research thus far and will be based on – a post-metaphysical and transdisciplinary perspective that is dedicated to articulating the ways ontology, epistemology, and methodology interact and co-arise across various scales of time and space. We emphasize the perspectival nature of reality, which emerges as first-, second-, and third-person perspectives interact with each other to enact phenomena.

Besides publishing our theories and findings in monthly news bulletins, we aim to allow interested members of the public to develop their own research into similar fields and use our own platforms to promote their research and reach a wider audience.



Realizing that the 21st century has connected us across time and space with the help of the internet and air travel, we will aim at promoting transdisciplinary engagement across the spectrum of human experiences and fields of study. We will try to connect scientists, mystics, artists, athletes, politicians and many more with one another through unique events aimed at fostering understanding amidst seemingly divergent groups of people.


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