Meet the Team

Andrei Nutas

Since the moment I started school, I was severely disappointed with all that the system had to offer because of the lack of a unified understanding of reality. Disillusioned by the institution which I interpreted as a source of great knowledge, I looked towards the broader society for guidance. However, my culture had just escaped from the clutches of ideology and was still drifting in a catatonic state, a state which I to inherited. 

I started drowning in a nihilistic state. I gave up on the world, considered it inherently defect, inherently lost, inherently meaningless and chose the hedonistic path as a means to at least get some momentary pleasure within what I at that time saw as a nonsensical reality.

After having gone through a series of intense experiences that brought me to realize the non-dual nature of reality, I grasped that for existence to have any value one needs to take upon ones self the burden of the world. As I’m aware that no one can carry such a heavy weight alone, I decided to create a platform that can educate and empower people, a platform that can lead anyone who is willing towards the realization of the non-dual. 

As more people realize the nature of reality and realize that they need to take responsibility for the world around them, the energy directed towards the establishment of the transcendental will increase and together we will be able to create heaven on earth. 

Victor Jivanescu

My undergraduate years at Oxford studying philosophy, politics and economics, coupled with my work in strategy consulting in London have thought me much about the structure of the world we are living in and provided me a clear career and life path…. or so I thought.

This constant pursuit of success and achievement left me rather empty and questioning the very foundations of the reality I thought I understood and this prompted me to realize that I needed to learn a different approach to life, something missing in our society.

After having a number of transcendental experiences, I learned that there is much more to our world than structure and material development, much more under the sun that was dreamt in my philosophy. Thus, I came in touch with the great contemplative traditions and started to undergo rigorous practice by embarking on a self-transcending journey in Nepal and the Himalayas. All these experiences led me on a mission to share the amazing insights I discovered with the rest of humanity. If we are to truly develop our world, we need to take in to account both our inner and outer growth coupled with having wise and compassionate answers to our questions of ultimate concern.

Nothing can have a more profound impact on you than a non-dual (or trans-dual) realization, so join me on a journey to discover that which you never thought possible.

Ramona Todor

Growing up in this world in which one is told to “study, work, marry, have kids and die”, I realized that I did not know where I was going. After studying electrical engineering, I reached the conclusion that I can understand and structure anything through a rational perspective, and contrary to my expectations, this point in my life did not lead me towards fulfillment or peace but embarked me on a path surrounded by predictability and meaninglessness.

On this path I hit a rock bottom of depression, from which nothing seemed less likely than a way out. But soon enough, through an active, dedicated effort to change this, I found myself engaged in extraordinary self-transcending experiences, through which I learned by having the courage to take many leaps of faith at the end of my comfort zone, that I can’t keep being unsatisfied by society, that the rational perspective is not the ultimate one and that I have to actually be the change that I want to see in the world. I got a glimpse at the nondual wisdom of the great contemplative traditions of the world and I came to understand that this wisdom is timeless, and that there is a way to apply it even in this insane and rushed modern world of ours. I actively engage in a quest to pursue this wisdom and to develop myself and the whole reality towards the highest potential.

Diana Panta

Since I was a child I dreamt of creating a wonderland that could fit in our reality. I started to take interest in movies and theater plays that reproduced in artistic fashion what I can now state are transcendental ideas. I believed since an early age that these ideas would make the world a better place. Recently, I realized that having these pictures in my mind and not acting upon them in any way will not change anything as reality is not driven by fate but by consciousness.

Thus, I decided to act, to express myself as best as I could so that I may be able to metamorphose these ideas into reality. I started the process of releasing myself from the chains that were holding me back and started creating the wonderland that I always imagined. As I’m aware that nothing of value was ever achieved in solitude, throughout my journey, I wish to inspire other so that they can also create their wonderland. Together, by joining our dreams, we can change the world.

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