We will focus our research around consciousness, integral human development, transpersonal psychology and inner wisdom traditions with a profound emphasis on backing up our hypothesis with as much evidence as possible, bearing in mind that for some of the deeper subjective states, injunctive individual practice represents the actual empirical evidence.

Our research drive and methodology are inspired by Integral Theory and Research thus far and will be based on – a post-metaphysical and transdisciplinary perspective that is dedicated to articulating the ways ontology, epistemology, and methodology interact and co-arise across various scales of time and space. We emphasize the perspectival nature of reality, which emerges as first-, second-, and third-person perspectives interact with each other to enact phenomena.

Besides publishing our theories and findings in monthly news bulletins, we aim to allow interested members of the public to develop their own research into similar fields and use our own platforms to promote their research and reach a wider audience.

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